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Address:China shandong zhucheng dragon street station
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    Yuan kang food is committed to the global customers with fresh,Security,High quality agricultural products and its processed products. Yuan kang food was established2002Years,Currently has500Many employees,3Vegetable processing plants,10000Mu vegetable base,1An advanced testing laboratory pesticide residues。 As a professional preservation,Pickled and regulate vegetable processing enterprises,Yuan kang food using its more than 10 years of business experience,Provide security for global customers,Fresh,The high quality product。 At present,Yuan kang food to Japan every year,The United States,South Korea,The European Union,Australia and southeast Asia customer supply: 10000Tons of fresh vegetables6000Tons of pickled vegetables2000T regulate more vegetables…(In more detail)
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Address:China shandong zhucheng dragon street station   The phone:0536-6443068 6444228