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Ino coffee team

1Brand knowledge information stageComprehensive understanding of us,On-the-spot investigation of our strength

2The ground shop inspectionIno headquarters market team,Provide investors with investment budget field stores assessment report,Risk analysis,Shops not reach requirement,Refuse to cooperate。

3Cooperative service stageOperations in the field investigation and comprehensive analysis、Planning for construction of restaurant,The preliminary orientation planning。

4Brand win-win cooperationThe headquarters of the entire docking,Each department management technical team inn guidance,Cooperation has safeguard!

Ino coffee rendering

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Product lineProduct line

  • Ino since2003Years was created,Rooted in Shanghai,Has five retail stores,In the great river north and south China,Inner Mongolia on the north,West to xinjiang,South to chengdu,Is one of the fifteen years of coffee western food chain brand in China。
Coffee series
On the five strong retail operations center and professional team of food,Ino food continuously introducing foreign cuisines,The unique innovation and integration,Bring customers interesting novel、Different taste。


Brand image is unified:VIDesign、Furniture、Clothing、Restaurant tableware and other items

Product standardization:Drink、Products of the standard quantitative management,Products in strict accordance with the standards formulation

Management planning:The operating manual、Equipped with professional personnel、Products production、Health work process,Outline and management

Open a shop professional guidance:Resident manager,For the details in the process of opening preparation for professional guidance

Store location:Professional team to visit shop,And give the professional investment budget report

Design and construction:In a short period of time the plan of the design can meet the demand of the restaurant、Construction drawing and rendering

Operation cost control:All kinds of professional management form,Business data management,To facilitate reasonable control store operating costs

Marketing planning:According to different people and related holidays,Headquarters will be carefully planned out the corresponding activities

Coffee to advantage

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Ino coffee--To share with you success

  • Ino was established for many years,A solid backing,Won the national many honors and awards
  • Ino since2003Years was created,Rooted in Shanghai,Has five retail stores
  • Coffee to provide:Technical training for free+Operation management and the supervision of the coffee shop after joining
  • Is one of the fifteen years of coffee western food chain brand in China
  • Fifteen years of accumulated make eno established domestic high-quality food chain operations management team
  • Have more mature set of complete and effective solutions,Make you satisfied
  • The entire output:A full set of operational manual、Music CD、Technical management training materials

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The service hotline:400-880-8770

The national hotline:021-66116688/66115588

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